Gilford NH bachelor party

Vanessa Gilford NH

Vanessa and Taylor review Gilford, NH party

Booked our sexy smokeshow blondes Taylor and Vanessa for a bachelor party in Gilford, New Hampshire this past Saturday night. The girls were booked to arrive around Midnight and arrive right on time. The girls were coming from a party in Vermont. I set up the schedule, perfectly. 7 pm show in Vermont, try to leave by 9 pm to accommodate a midnight show in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Let’s see the Vermont review first. This show was pre-booked a month in advance.
Vanessa and Taylor party review

If you have trouble seeing the image, he says, “It was good, and everyone had a good time. Thank you and we would love to have you all again.”

Leaving that party, deep in Vermont, it took 3 hours on the dot (Google maps estimate), to get to Gilford, NH. So of course I scheduled the show for midnight, and they arrived midnight.
The girls took pics that night. maybe in Gilford?
Taylor and Vanessa Gilford, NH

I have more pics, I’ll first post the review from Gilford.

Gilford, NH party

If you have trouble reading the review, it says, “It was great. One of the best shows I’ve seen. Taylor and Vanessa both did amazing jobs and we thank them for doing the late show. Thank you as well.”

How about a couple of pics from that night

Vanessa Gilford NH
Taylor, Gilford, NH

We also did another show in Gilford that evening. Around noon I got a call for the party, I told them we could arrive around 10, I sent Laila, and Lana. After they arrived, 2 strippers from a Boston agency showed up. The customer booked 2 companies. The Boston agency stayed one hour. I won’t comment on the quality of the girls. My dancers stayed 3 1/2 hours.

If you want to book the best strippers in New Hampshire call 603-627-0007 speak to me, Meni, VIP Entertainment Inc. based in Manchester, NH


Wildcat Mountain Still Open, we have North Conway strippers

The only place in the state still open for turns

Midday Update – 11:30am: Winter up top, Spring down low. Up here in The Notch, you just never know. Up top, the snow is groomed out and ready to be carved, while on the lower slopes, it’s all corn and spring snow. You get the best of both worlds, all in one run.
Both Alley Cat and Bobcat are skiing really well and I’d definitely suggest heading over there.
We still have our eyes on May folks. Daily operations plan to continue through Sunday, April 23rd, weather permitting, after which, we plan to be open weekends as conditions allow.
Wildcat Mountain is located due north of the historic town of North Conway.

We cover the North Conway area, I book the best North Conway strippers, call 603-591-6315
Here are some new pictures of our sexy strippers, Mila who celebrated her 22nd birthday last week, and the lovely Vanessa. The top duo in New England????
North Conway strippers
North Conway strippers
North Conway strippers
North Conway strippers
North Conway strippers
Another update from Wildcat today
Make turns on 19 trails, 126 acres, and 8.2 miles of open terrain. With temps dipping below the freezing mark last night, groomers had a great opportunity to lay down the corduroy on 17 trails. Temperatures are expected to come back up to the 40’s today which means that we have a classic case of corduroy in the morning, spring skiing in the afternoon. That all makes for a great day on the slopes. Bobcat is a good option if you want to want to make big arcing turns with speed, and that sounds like a good way to start the day to me.

So have a great week, a great weekend, if you never need strippers call 603-591-6315

Plymouth NH party review

Plymouth NH party review

Plymouth, New Hampshire stripper party review

How’s this for a party review?
Plymouth NH party review
The destination didn’t make much sense, lol. The 2 brothers who have been booking with VIP since this decade started, were students at UNH and a RI school. I guess the friends union was Plymouth, NH. They wanted girls who would party with them. So first things first, I suggested the two 21 year old smokeshows. Mila and Nicole. They can drink legally.
Plymouth NH stripper Mila
New Hampshire stripper Nicole
We delivered Mila and Nicole. I believe the party lasted almost 4 hours. Those boys deserve it. A couple of great guys. Usually when we hit Plymouth, NH it’s a frat party. I love doing parties for college students. Once they see our dancers. They become customers for life. Start em young as they say, lol.

We are the original New Hampshire stripper agency. Based in Manchester, NH. VIP Entertainment Inc. has been booking the best strippers since 1992. I put up my first site in 1995. I started the agency after driving for a dancer I met at Mac’s Two in Billerica, MA. I use to go to Mac’s Two on Amateur night. To hit on the dancers who sat the bar waiting for their turn on the stage. I met Amber, I pretty blonde. She asked me if I could drive her to bachelor parties. She had an agent, not sure who it was actually. It’s been a long time. Anyways, I remember seeing Amber on stage at Mac’s Two dancing to this U2 song

The first show was going to drive was in Hollis, New Hampshire. It was in big barn. I parked the car, and we started walking in. She told me, I should have parked the car facing out, in case we had to leave quickly. Then she asked if I had a jacket, I said not, its summer. She said, I should wear a jacket so the party thinks I’m carrying a gun. She made bachelor parties seem scary. It wasn’t. The guys were great. From there, I got pager and told Amber I could get you shows. I wonder what she’s doing today. She must be 50 years old. I hope she’s doing well. She was a single mom, with a young daughter. I’ll continue my story on some other blog posts to come.

Bachelor Party Review

VIP Entertainment New Hampshire Strippers

It’s 2017, new year, VIP Entertainment Inc, entering it’s 25th year of booking the best New Hampshire strippers. Based in Manchester, NH, VIP is a cut above the rest of stripper agencies in the state. Featuring the top dancers in  New England. We publish reviews, our girls have names, their names are in the reviews, we have videos. Here is Ava saying Happy New Year.

Some New Hampshire stripper party reviews.

New Hampshire strippers party review

New Hampshire stripper

New Hampshire strippers Ava

Call us at 603-627-0007 to book the best strippers in NH. Here in New Hampshire your options for a bachelor party are, party bus thru Portsmouth bar district. A trip to Bedford for the Gold Club. The only strip club in New Hampshire. The girls keep their bottoms on. Lame show. Overpriced drinks. Have party with your own booze, with our smoke show strippers.

Be the hero in your group, call VIP, book with us. Become a lifelong customers,  we have customer who started at college frat customers, who have successfully moved onto adulthood, with jobs and family lol. VIP has had the same Manchester NH phone number, basically forever.

You can get a quote for your party, by filling out this form, you will get a personal reply within a couple of hours.

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A little background on VIP Entertainment Inc. Started the agency in 1992. After meeting a stripper at Mac’s Two in Billerica, Massachusetts. She asked me to be her driver, she was doing bachelor parties for a company. They didn’t provide a driver for her, I was young, she was hot, I said sure. First party was Hollis, New Hampshire. I think it was in a barn. When we pulled up, she pointed out, it’s a good idea back in and park, that way if you have to escape, you can escape quickly. She also asked why I didn’t have a jacket on, it was summer. She said, “if you have a jacket on, they will think you are carrying a gun.” The party was great, the guys were great, not sure what parties she did in her past. A couple of months later, I started VIP.

Well. 25 years later, I’m still  in the stripper biz. Never changed my idea for the agency, hot strippers, first priority, rather have 4 hot strippers on the roster than 8 5’s.  Call 603-627-0007 to book the best strippers in NH


We are the original New Hampshire strippers agency

Manchester strippers Nicole and Vanessa

VIP Strippers the original New Hampshire strippers source

How did this agency start? After visiting my first strip club, Mac’s Two in Billerica, MA. They had a liquor license back then by the way. It’s been a juice bar for maybe a decade, probably longer. I noticed on amateur night, the club would have 6 to 12 girls sitting at the bar waiting for the contest. Hell I was early 20s, it was like shooting fish in a barrel, lol. Any met a dancer, stage name Amber. A sexy blonde, who danced to U2’s “So Cruel”.

I struck up a conversation with her one evening, she asked me if I wanted to drive her for bachelor parties. I said, “sure”. First party, was in southern New Hampshire, pretty sure it was Hollis, NH. in a barn. I parked and as we walked in, Amber asked me, where my jacket was, I said “it’s 70” she said “you need a jacket so they think you have a gun”. Whoa. And she said, “you should park with your car facing out, so you can get a way fast”. The party went fine, back then there were no cell phones with cameras, only has to look out for actual cameras.

After driving a few shows with Amber, I asked her what the agency cut was, she said $100, I said I’ll book you and only take $50. Back then, girls got a base pay to dance at parties. That ended a decade ago. The girls make way too much money now in tips, no need to give them a base pay for showing up. At strip clubs, the girls pay the clubs to work. So anyways, I got a pager, and started handing out my own cards to friends. I only got a couple of shows for Amber. But it did get the fire in me to start a real agency. I got my business line, and my 800 number, which i still have today, 800-446-8847. Booking New Hampshire strippers since the 90s. How’s that for a record?

The beginning of VIP Entertainment

My first big party, I co-booked with Paradise Entertainment, who was out of Quincy. The party was in a rented out hall in Bedford, New Hampshire, the building now houses, coincidently is now the Gold Club. The Bedford strip club. The party was for my brother’s buddy, Tim. There must have been over 150 guys. I booked 5 girls, 3 came together, and the other 2 came together about 90 minutes later. They were the feature attraction, Devin and Porsche, 2 hot blondes. The party was a success, and I was on my way.

I started recruiting dancers from the strip club, Matthews, which was in Tyngsboro, MA, and is legendary. The guy who ran Anthony’s in South Hadley, MA, booked the girls for Matthews. He loaded up the club with hot dancers from Mass, and even had smokeshows from Canada come down and work, (illegally?). I started booking some of the girls from Matthews. I had the top lineup for bachelor party strippers, New Hampshire strippers. The Canadian strippers were from Montreal. Annie worked for me, she was unreal.

I was an internet pioneer

I got my first domain, November, 1995. Remember talking to dancers at Mathews about the internet. Trying to explain it to them, lol. How they could promote themselves on it. How it c0uld show their pictures to the world.

I remember placing ads in the Boston Phoenix. I got girl from Lawrence interested in dancing. So I drove down the the 99 parking lot in Salem, pulled up with a gorgeous dirty blonde with unreal eyes and tits. LOL I said “you are hired” and drove off. Taylor was born.

The agency was on fire, the best lineup in New England. Between the local smokeshows like Taylor, and Tyler, and the Montreal girls Tina and Annie. Nothing but 10s working for VIP. As I concentrated on getting more domains, I would explain to the yellow page salesman, that the yellow pages are dying. I went from quarter page ads, to no ads within 3 years. I bet on men using the internet to find strippers. How novel.

It was the beginning of the internet boom. I also set up adult porn sites, free sites, post a few pics in a thumbnail gallery, have banner ads to pay sites, with my referral code in the html. Back then, we couldn’t wait for Christmas day, when so many more guys would be getting a computer, and going on line for the first time. Cha Ching, they went looking for porn. The porn sites were my focus for a bit.  I’ll continue this story in another post at a another time. Remember, New Hampshire Strippers 603-627-0007

Sexy Ava’s party review for a Nashua party

Nashua, NH: Very well! Thank you, the group was fun, just what I was hoping for.

Book Ava for your party in Nashua, in fact, anywhere in New England. Smoke show 18 year old blonde.

New Hampshire stripper

VIP Entertainment has been booking sexy strippers in New Hampshire since 1992. Based in Manchester, NH, most NH parties are local and priced right.

New Hamphire stripper

Call 603-627-0007 to book the best strippers in New Hampshire, VIP Strippers.

We have been booking Nashua stripper parties a long time, here are some of the reviews.

Nashua, NH: Hey man. They (Taylor and Tyler) did a great job last night. Both of them were awesome. Thanks and we’ll def refer you and keep you in mind.

Here’s another review from Nashua

Nashua, NH: I’d say for the first Bachelor Party I have ever planned, the whole event went off quite well. I was referred to VIP from a friend and their service was fantastic. The management was easy to get a-hold-of both via email and by phone. I was concerned, having never dealt with a stripper company before, about a possible “bait and switch,” but VIP delivered with what they advertised. Joey and Chloe were fun, fair and playful – not to forget hot. Al was a good guy, very easy going. Honestly, I would use VIP again and I would definitely recommend it for 90 mins of fun.

Here is yet another review, if you notice, all my dancers get great reviews.

Nashua, NH: Both girls (Lexi and Ryan) were really nice and very friendly. They also dealt really well with the heat and still performed despite the heat, very good attitudes.They compliment each other well and it was a great time!

Here’s one more, Nashua stripper review

Nashua, NH: She was perfect! A little was lost in translation for the idea of a “bag Lady”, but just in case I had grabbed my old army field jacket and Gezelle was more than willing to improvise. The look on my buddy’s face was priceless… Gezelle is a very hot, talented young lady. Her trapeze skills were obvious in her dancing and moves. thanks so much for sending her, Please thank her again for me.

Call 603-627-0007 to book the best strippers in New Hampshire, VIP Strippers.

Pond Hockey Championship moved

(Source): MEREDITH, N.H. —The 2016 New England Pond Hockey Classic will be played on Lake Waukewan in Meredith, Feb. 5-7 rather than in Meredith Bay. This is the second time that the popular event has had to be relocated from Lake Winnipesaukee for lack of ice.

In 2012, the situation was the same.

As of this past weekend, conditions on Waukewan were considered great and organizers were relieved to have a back-up option.

“We have black ice and it is building daily with these cold temperatures. We are working hard to transition all aspects of the event to this venue and we are grateful to have the support of the Town of Meredith, as well as our saving grace Middleton Building Supply who is allowing us to stage our tournament village on their property,” wrote Scott Crowder, commissioner and founder of the event.

The only major logistical change is the lack of on-site parking at Lake Waukewan.

“Hosting our event on Lake Waukewan comes with a number of prohibitions and restrictions due to the fact that Lake Waukewan is the town of Meredith’s water supply. This means no fires, no dogs, no glass bottles, no vehicles and no litter.”

More details on event parking and shuttle sites will be available as the event gets closer.


If you need strippers while you are in town for the event, book now, lock it in 603-627-0007