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Here’s our current lineup of New Hampshire strippers

I’m updating page 7/23/2020. No other agency can compare with us. Book your party with us call 603-627-0007

Mona and Nicole

Latina New Hampshire stripper

Mona, New Hampshire stripper

New Hampshire strippers Julz

New Hampshire strippers

New Hampshire strippers Mila

New Hampshire stripper Mila



We are VIP Entertainment Inc., usually I text or email customers the roster lineup, well here’s the lineup so we don’t have to do that. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. No other New Hampshire stripper agency has the experience and great reviews over the years that VIP does.

When I started the agency, I pulled girls out of Mac’s Two Amateur Night in Billerica, MA. They use to have a liquor license. Then Matthews opened in Tyngsborough, MA. Richard who owned Anthony’s in South Hadley, MA was in charge of booking that strippers into that club. He loaded it up with super hot strippers from Canada, from all over Massachusetts.

I ended up meeting a lot of girls. I started booking some of them. I use to book 30 minute parties, mostly one dancer. This was 1995. I guess the term now is smoke sow or dime. The girls from Montreal were true dimes.

I moved to Florida at the end of 2003, I still ran VIP up here. Lacey Rain, who is still performing at strip clubs worked for me. I never started booking parties in south Florida, the strip clubs are pretty wild.

I moved back to New Hampshire at the end of 2006. Around 2009 I hired 2 smokeshows, one was Miss Hawaiian Tropic Massachusetts, the other was a dancer from the Cabaret in Peabody, MA.
Wanna see them?

Now we are in 2019. And thanks to Fabian who brought free adult video to the masses, this generation of girls aren’t shy to be online posted as a stripper. What’s stripping now? PG compared to the 100s of girls heading to South Florida every month to do adult video.

OK I rambled a bit, book the hottest New Hampshire strippers by calling 603-627-0007