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It’s 2017, new year, VIP Entertainment Inc, entering it’s 25th year of booking the best New Hampshire strippers. Based in Manchester, NH, VIP is a cut above the rest of stripper agencies in the state. Featuring the top dancers in  New England. We publish reviews, our girls have names, their names are in the reviews, we have videos. Here is Ava saying Happy New Year.

Some New Hampshire stripper party reviews.

New Hampshire strippers party review

New Hampshire stripper

New Hampshire strippers Ava

Call us at 603-627-0007 to book the best strippers in NH. Here in New Hampshire your options for a bachelor party are, party bus thru Portsmouth bar district. A trip to Bedford for the Gold Club. The only strip club in New Hampshire. The girls keep their bottoms on. Lame show. Overpriced drinks. Have party with your own booze, with our smoke show strippers.

Be the hero in your group, call VIP, book with us. Become a lifelong customers,  we have customer who started at college frat customers, who have successfully moved onto adulthood, with jobs and family lol. VIP has had the same Manchester NH phone number, basically forever.


A little background on VIP Entertainment Inc. Started the agency in 1992. After meeting a stripper at Mac’s Two in Billerica, Massachusetts. She asked me to be her driver, she was doing bachelor parties for a company. They didn’t provide a driver for her, I was young, she was hot, I said sure. First party was Hollis, New Hampshire. I think it was in a barn. When we pulled up, she pointed out, it’s a good idea back in and park, that way if you have to escape, you can escape quickly. She also asked why I didn’t have a jacket on, it was summer. She said, “if you have a jacket on, they will think you are carrying a gun.” The party was great, the guys were great, not sure what parties she did in her past. A couple of months later, I started VIP.

Well. 25 years later, I’m still  in the stripper biz. Never changed my idea for the agency, hot strippers, first priority, rather have 4 hot strippers on the roster than 8 5’s.  Call 603-627-0007 to book the best strippers in NH