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I’ve been booking New Hampshire strippers since 1992. Based in Manchester, NH. Always booking the hottest strippers in New England. Since 1992, New Hampshire stripper agency VIP, has been the go-to choice for individuals and event planners seeking professional and reliable adult entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a bachelor party, bachelorette bash, birthday celebration, corporate event, or any other special occasion, we have the perfect entertainment solution for you.

New Hampshire Strippers 603-627-0007

I’ve been booking strippers in New Hampshire since 1992. It all started because of amateur night at Mac’s Two in Billerica, MA. Going there I met Amber, a blonde dancer who use to dance the the US song, “So Cruel”. She asked me to be her driver. I said sure, no idea what that entailed. First party was in Hollis, New Hampshire, in a barn. It was summer, as we walked to the barn, Amber asked me if I brought a jacket. I asked her “Why?”. She said, “So they think you have a gun.”. Yikes. What have I gotten my self into, She added, “you should have parked facing out, in case we have to make a quick getaway.”. Maybe driving strippers isn’t that great.

The party though, was awesome the guys were great, everyone was having fun. Back then, 1992, a lot of parties booked 1 dancer. I was Amber’s driver for about a year. I soon realized, I could book parties for Amber. I got my pager. I started promoting. First party I booked with my friends as guests. Amber flaked.

That didn’t stop me, booking strippers. I put a phone in the back of my pizza place, got the 800 number I still have. Started putting ads in the Yellow Pages.

Matthews opened in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. That was the best strip club in MA. Richard who owned Anthony’s in South Hadley, was in charge of supplying the talent to the club. The hottest strippers from Massachusetts, and also the smoke shows from Quebec. I befriended 3 strippers from Montreal. Two of them started working for me. Annie, and Tina. I ended up booking more of the dancers out of that strip club. I’ve always strived to have the hottest roster. I’m very picky who I work with. As an agent, I work with the dancers. Other agents act like the girls are employees and treat them like crap. I have the best roster of strippers in New Hampshire, even now in 2021.

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New Hampshire Strippers 603-627-0007