2019 Winter pics

Some Stripper pics, the girls who really work here

Nicole, New Hampshire strippers

Mila, New Hampshire stripper
I can stressed enough here, we feature the real strippers on all our sites. We are the only agency that does this. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I am based in Manchester, NH. I do not hide under a fake name. My name is Meni Troupakis. When you call 603-627-0007 I am the person on the phone with you. I am the person sending you the drop box link.
If you are planning a New Hampshire party and need strippers, call me, I’m your local stripper agency. Heading up to Pittsburg, NH and need strippers, yes we go all the way up to Pittsburg.
The lakes region is less than an hour away.
When planning your party. The start time is important. I tell customers you have to figure out, will you want the strippers to arrive early, after dinner like 8 pm? A lot of customers request 9 pm. We can do that. If you are going to hit the bars first, and would like the girls to arrive late, no problem. We had a party in Killington Saturday that started 1 am.
In fact, Mona and Nicole danced at that party and they sent me 2 pics.
Mona and Nicole selfie in bathroom
Mona and Nicole up close selfie
Check out Mona and Nicole, could you have booked better strippers than them for your party? I think not. Booking the best New Hampshire strippers since 1992, I am very picky with my roster.

Well it’s Monday, the New England Patriots just won the Super Bowl, again. Everyone here in New Hampshire are in a great mood. I think the parade in Boston is Tuesday. I can’t wait to see the kid with the parade sign. Patrick McGillicuddy can’t wait to see your updated parade sign. Here’s a link from October when Patrick was at the Red Sox parade
It’s a great time to be a fan in New England. You’re up Celtics and Bruins…..