Plymouth NH party review

Plymouth, New Hampshire stripper party review

How’s this for a party review?
Plymouth NH party review
The destination didn’t make much sense, lol. The 2 brothers who have been booking with VIP since this decade started, were students at UNH and a RI school. I guess the friends union was Plymouth, NH. They wanted girls who would party with them. So first things first, I suggested the two 21 year old smokeshows. Mila and Nicole. They can drink legally.
Plymouth NH stripper Mila
New Hampshire stripper Nicole
We delivered Mila and Nicole. I believe the party lasted almost 4 hours. Those boys deserve it. A couple of great guys. Usually when we hit Plymouth, NH it’s a frat party. I love doing parties for college students. Once they see our dancers. They become customers for life. Start em young as they say, lol.

We are the original New Hampshire stripper agency. Based in Manchester, NH. VIP Entertainment Inc. has been booking the best strippers since 1992. I put up my first site in 1995. I started the agency after driving for a dancer I met at Mac’s Two in Billerica, MA. I use to go to Mac’s Two on Amateur night. To hit on the dancers who sat the bar waiting for their turn on the stage. I met Amber, I pretty blonde. She asked me if I could drive her to bachelor parties. She had an agent, not sure who it was actually. It’s been a long time. Anyways, I remember seeing Amber on stage at Mac’s Two dancing to “So Cruel” from U2
The first show was going to drive was in Hollis, New Hampshire. It was in big barn. I parked the car, and we started walking in. She told me, I should have parked the car facing out, in case we had to leave quickly. Then she asked if I had a jacket, I said not, its summer. She said, I should wear a jacket so the party thinks I’m carrying a gun. She made bachelor parties seem scary. It wasn’t. The guys were great. From there, I got pager and told Amber I could get you shows. I wonder what she’s doing today. She must be 50 years old. I hope she’s doing well. She was a single mom, with a young daughter. I’ll continue my story on some other blog posts to come.