Ski trip strippers December 15, 2020 Update

Recent pics & video of our ski trip strippers in New Hampshire

Planning a ski trip, you need ski strippers. It’s getting cold, but the ski areas are open. Be safe out there. We’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We aren’t going anywhere. I had a dancer text me last month, asking if I was still in business. She reasoned since she didn’t hear from me, maybe business was done. I’m sorry but this girl isn’t hot enough for my agency, that’s why I never texted her. We have the hottest strippers in New Hampshire.

That video is from last evening. We did a party in Wilmington, Vermont. Yes, on a Monday. Waiting for the review to come in. It went great, I spoke the driver.

I guess if i showed you the video I should show you pics of the strippers

stripper Laila

Laila was in the background

Mila reedy to be your ski trip stripper

Mila was the girl in the front, taking the video, in black.

Mila stripper

Here’s Mila’s sexy body

ski trip dancer
ski trip party
ski trip stripper

That’s Vanessa, she likes modeling. Hopes to be in Playboy someday.

Holiday Party Season

It’s also Holiday party season. We do a lot of company Christmas parties. Also a few parties at social clubs. Planning a small get together for your friends and co-workers? Give us a call 603-627-0007 Just think if you book with us, you will be the hero in your group of friends. Our primary website is VIP Strippers We are based in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

Ski strippers

You are planning your ski trip. Last night the group were snowboarders. You need ski strippers for that ski trip. You need an agency that will show up, on time. I’ve heard it 100 times over the years., “We didn’t think you’d show up on time, we aren’t at the house yet.” These customers are use to the Boston agencies who are 2 hours later, or just don’t show up, citing “traffic” on a Saturday night. If I book a 9 pm show, they are arriving by 8:50 pm on average. Check our roster

Call 603-627-0007 and book the hottest ski trip strippers, we cover North Conway, Killington, West Dover, Sunday River, Stowe, Hunter NY