Wildcat Mountain Still Open, we have North Conway strippers

The only place in the state still open for turns

Midday Update – 11:30am: Winter up top, Spring down low. Up here in The Notch, you just never know. Up top, the snow is groomed out and ready to be carved, while on the lower slopes, it’s all corn and spring snow. You get the best of both worlds, all in one run.
Both Alley Cat and Bobcat are skiing really well and I’d definitely suggest heading over there.
We still have our eyes on May folks. Daily operations plan to continue through Sunday, April 23rd, weather permitting, after which, we plan to be open weekends as conditions allow.
Wildcat Mountain is located due north of the historic town of North Conway.

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Another update from Wildcat today
Make turns on 19 trails, 126 acres, and 8.2 miles of open terrain. With temps dipping below the freezing mark last night, groomers had a great opportunity to lay down the corduroy on 17 trails. Temperatures are expected to come back up to the 40’s today which means that we have a classic case of corduroy in the morning, spring skiing in the afternoon. That all makes for a great day on the slopes. Bobcat is a good option if you want to want to make big arcing turns with speed, and that sounds like a good way to start the day to me.

So have a great week, a great weekend, if you never need strippers call 603-591-6315